Greater Golden Hill History


Greater Golden Hill has a long and colorful history which is still visible in the prime examples of the varied architectural styles, representative of their times, throughout the area; Victorian, Colonial Revival, Craftsman, and Farm House homes. Initial development began with the community of Golden Hill in January 1870 within a large sun kissed view parcel of land next to downtown. At that time, Golden Hill was at the fringe of San Diego’s urban development and offered developers and home buyers nearby large lots with bay & ocean views. For several decades, Golden Hill was the most fashionable place to live for the City’s affluent and middle class. By the early 1920′s central Greater Golden Hill was mostly built-out. By the middle of the 1950’s, the area fell into decline following the national trend of middle-class flight to the suburbs.


Greater Golden Hill is now a metro community consisting of approximately 441 acres, prominently located next to downtown’s Upper East Village IDEA District and adjacent to Balboa Park. Within Greater Golden Hill lies the historic district neighborhoods of Golden Hill and South Park. Also included are the subdivision communities of Orange Park, Morse, Seaman & Choates, and Brooklyn Heights. Our geographic boundaries are; Balboa Park and Juniper Street on the north, 32nd Street between Juniper Street and Hawthorn Street, then along Greater North Park at Marlton Drive to the 34th Street canyon to Beech Street on the east, State Route 94 on the south and Interstate 5 on the west. 


Since the long period of divestment in the last century, many changes are presently unfolding for the betterment of Greater Golden Hill. Namely “What’s old, is new again”. Walkability and neighborhoods with old world charm are in high demand. As one of San Diego’s first master planned neighborhoods, the areas central location, excellent regional access, views, and historical characteristics are attributes that are encouraging new generations to call Greater Golden Hill their home. We recognize though that desirability can also lead to displacement, and increased property values, while good for some, can be bad for others. For this reason, the GGHCDC co-owns and manages over 30 units of high-density, affordable housing in Golden Hill. As San Diego and the neighborhood of Golden Hill continue to grow, transition and transform, the GGHCDC will remain an advocate of, and steward for our beloved neighborhood and all that is important to the community stakeholders

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Facts at a Glance

Average Household Size3.06
Median Age34.53
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