@dots.one piece in support of feral cats

At the corner of Broadway and 22nd Street a once drab and faded electrical box now pops with color, bold lines, and even a small cartoon cat. The eye-catching work was recently painted by artist dots.one with a goal of spreading awareness of the feral cat population in San Diego.

Artist dots.one stands next to her freshly painted electrical box.

“My goal was to integrate healing energy by activating your chakras through color. I wanted to bring awareness to homeless cats in San Diego,” says artist dots.one. “The Feral Cat Coalition helps San Diego’s kitties by providing medical care, food, shelters, and most importantly humane cat traps to spay and neuter any feral cat. This is the biggest part!”

The piece by dots.one is part of a larger community art program in Golden Hill sponsored by Golden Hill Rentals, a property management company. The group organized the painting of electrical boxes for years, but like so many things, it was put on hold during the pandemic. However, on May 7th the program was relaunched.

An electrical box painted by the Patrick Henry High School Art Club.

The event organizer, Holly J., says, “I’ve had a painting studio space in Golden Hill for many years. I wanted to reach out and bring local artists together for events that spotlight their extraordinary talents.” Holly targeted Broadway 20th and 25th Streets as the first part of the neighborhood to refresh.

Holly successfully recruited eight artists and the Patrick Henry High School Art Club. Artists had to submit an idea and portfolio for review. If selected, Golden Hill Rentals provided the paint, t-shirts, pizza, and coffee.

Holly and Golden Hill Rentals hope to host another painting event in about six months. They are accepting inquiries from artists and looking for additional sponsors. If you, or an artist you know, is interested please contact editor@tbts.com. Event photos will be available to view on twobythesea.com when all boxes are completed.

The Golden Hill CDC is thankful to Golden Hill Rentals and all of the artists who participated. Public art is a fantastic way to revitalize a community through the expression of our shared values. The electrical box program is another way for Golden Hill to build a sense of shared identity and reflect on our past, present, and future.

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