Affordable Housing

The Greater Golden Hill CDC operates a 33 unit affordable housing complex and two duplexes providing high quality and affordable living for children and their families.

The Golden Villa apartment, completed in January of 1998, is a 32 unit housing (33rd unit allocated for Property Manager) community that provides decent, affordable housing for large families in a safe canyon setting. The complex also has a laundry room, an activity room, a playground for older children and a tot lot for young children.

Golden Villa’s affordability factor is for families who are at 37% of median income, or very, very low income.  95% of the families have at least one member who works.
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State Route 94 Expansion

The city is planning to widen the 94 freeway. Learn how this project will affect your neighborhood.
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Golden Hill Playground

In the Golden Hill Park, the CDC is working to initiate an active use playground. The East Mesa Precise Plan states that Golden Hill is park deficient. The Greater Golden Hill CDC seeks ways to increase accessibility to park resources in Golden Hill.
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Radio Project

Currently in the process of obtaining a low power frequency modulation license for Golden Hill. The purpose of the radio station will be to promote Golden Hill, provide education programs, and to be used in the event of an emergency to notify the residents of Golden Hill of the emergency and FEMA resources.
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Golden Hill Street Fair

The Golden Hill Street Fair is an annual event taking place in July to celebrate the culture and spirit of the Greater Golden Hill Community.

Long Term Projects

  • Reestablishment of fountain in Golden Hill park
  • Reestablishment of Golden Hill Pavilion in Golden Hill park
  • World music festival