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YES logoThe Youth & Family Village is hosted by community partnerships between CornerStone Connections under the operations of its on-site Community Learning Enrichment Center (CLEC) at 1144 30th Street San Diego, CA.  Sponsored by Community Home Neighborhood Maintenance & Development in partnership with the Christ CornerStone Church, CLEC serves as an on-site WIFI-Media-Studio for community events, family-fun activities, and social networking platforms.

CLEC aims to promote and collaborate with community partners in building character, engaging in social entertainment, civic leadership internships, and enhancing career training through music, media, arts, and academia. The CLEC operations include hosting and sponsoring activities that promote the campaigning, cultivating, and fostering of enrichment and learning innovations for youth and families.

The YES Campaign is one of the CLEC designed programs that fosters postive opportunities to empower the success of school age children, youth, young adults, and families. The YES Campaign and the Youth Under Construction programs are working together to promote and market talent showcase opportunities through innovative educational network providers and partnerships throughout the homes, school, and community neighborhoods.

Upcoming Projects and Events:


Girlscouts STEM Program at Christ Cornerstone

Do you like fashion, sports, or an investigation series? Are you interested in science, technology, engineering, art, and math? Did you know they’re all connected? Find out how STEM is part of your everyday life, and learn how your passions can translate to an amazing career! This is an ongoing after school program, open to all girls 4 – 8 grade. Please join us for an upcoming session to learn more. Program participants will receive incentives, prizes, and awards.

Find the application form here.


Build IT

Build IT is an out-of-school project-based curriculum that capitalizes on girls’ interest in design and communication technologies. It reaches middle school girls from populations underrepresented in information technology (IT) fields. In partnership with CalSAC Trainers Network and The SRI International Center for Technology, the CLEC– SAY YES CAMPAIGN is extending its community wide network to include Girls Scouts and YOU! Along with other interested individuals from local schools, churches and interested clubs and community groups throughout the San Diego area.

Hosted at the CornerStone CLEC Connections-STEM Studio30-Computer Lab, youth sessions will be held weekly and on 1st and 4th Saturdays. The weekly curriculum is dynamic and engages the interests, skills and inquiries of youth, grades 4-8 to help promote 3-Design features of the ‘world around us’. Using imagery and discovery, the 3D hands-on projects foster innovation, communication and problem solving. The program uniquely enhances personal esteem, academic skills, character and leadership qualities.

Under the leadership of trained and Certified STEM facilitators, student teams will design “the world around us” by completing 3 units during the course of a year. Field trips and parent engagement is an added feature for interested participants, with advancement opportunities for continuing into the 2nd year-program series. The goals of Build IT are to motivate middle school students, grades 4-8 to:

• Explore IT and IT careers

• Use technology to strengthen and build their technology fluency

• Take mathematics and computer science courses in preparation for future STEM education and IT careers.


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