State Route 94 Expansion Project

State Route 94 Expansion Project

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The Issue

Caltrans in planning to expand freeway SR94 through Golden Hill. This expansion will likely have a huge impact on our community and it may include increased noise, pollution, traffic, and more.

A Proposed Solution

With these planned changes comes the opportunity for our community to participate in the plan and decide what is best for the neighborhood. The possibilities include the installation of a park lid covering over the freeway between 22nd and 25th Streets.

The Discussion

On Saturday, June 01, 2013 the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation held a meeting to discuss the State Route 94 Freeway Expansion Project and its impact on Golden Hill. The meeting took place at the San Diego Japanese Christian Church in the Yoshiro Hall portion of their Church facility.

We’d like to thank those of you attended the Community Meeting for the SR94 Express Lane Expansion Project! We had a fantastic turnout, and the participation from the community was essential to making it a success.
More than 85 people were in attendance along with representation of elected officials: Councilmember David Alvarez, Martha Zapata (Councilmember Alvarez’s representative), Linda Perine (Mayor Filner’s representative), and Chris Ward (Senator Block’s representative). Three media groups were also represented: Uptown News, San Diego Free Press, and KPBS. In addition, we had members of the Golden Hill and Sherman Heights planning groups and CDCs.

The meeting was recorded and can be found here >

We would like to remind you that the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee (GGHPC) will be meeting to discuss SR94 project next week – on Wednesday, June 12, 6:30 PM, at the Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse. The GGHPC is the neighborhood arm of city governance — Please come and make your voice heard by the decision makers in our community!

Please contact us at (619) 261-7411 for additional details. We look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. Silas Boren

    Home owner on 26th and F st. interested in Park lid and how caltrans will mitigate freeway noise along corridor.

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