Golden Hill Farmers’ Market

FM Golden Hill

The Golden Hill Farmers’ Market started in 2011 as a way to provide California Certified Organic Produce to the Golden Hill community and to enable farmers an open space to gather and sell freshly picked produce directly to the public at lower than retail prices. Located on B Street, between 27th and 28th Streets, the market is held every Saturday from 9AM to 1:30PM. EBT and CSA programs are accepted and supported by the Golden Hill Farmers Market.

Please visit the Brian’s Farmers’s Markets website for more information >

Our Involvement

The Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation hosts the Golden Hill Farmer’s Market.  The Market was established in 2011 when the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation entered a Memorandum of understanding with Brian’s Farmer’s Markets.  Brian’s Farmer’s Markets donated $900.00 to pay the fees and expenses of this project. One of the agreements reached in forming the Golden Hill Farmer’s Market was the establishment of a “Community Booth” that allows any community nonprofit entity to use the market to put their message out. Non Profit organizations looking to reach the Golden Hill community are encouraged to join us on Saturdays in the Community Booth.