Moustache Contest

Contest Information

Date Saturday June 20, 2015
Time 11:00AM – 4:30PM
Location Golden Hill Park
Entry Free for all



For inquiries, email us at

The Moustache Contest is an all-ages contest for anyone sporting a moustache (real or fake!). All attendees of the Expo Festival are eligible to enter the Mustache Contest: men, women, kids, or even dogs! Only 100 attendees will be allowed to participate. If you have a stellar ‘stache and want to show it, we want to see it! Enter to win by submitting a picture of your moustache at the Contest Booth near the Beer Garden entrance. The contest runs from 11AM – 4PM, and public voting begins at 4PM and ends at 4:30PM. The top five finalists will move to the main stage at 4:30 for the final stage of voting, where they will receive prizes and award certificates!


What’s your ‘stache like? The following is a list of potential moustache categories:

Handlebar, Cactus, Ringmaster, Tooth Brusher, Wooly Mammoth, Stubble Bubble, Pencil Line, Wild Biker, Soap Star, Cowboy, Fullest Moustache, Best Groomed Moustache, Sexiest Moustache, Most Artistic Moustache, Nicest Moustache, Most absorbant Moustache, and Most looking like a truck driver.


Grand Prize
The moustache with the most votes wins a $500 grand prize shopping spree on

Top Four Finalists
All finalists will receive a $25 gift certificate.


By registering for the competition, all competitors give their permission to the organizers and to the organizers’ designers that the competitors may be photographed, videotaped, and tape recorded. Further, the organizers and their designers may use the photographs, video tapes, and audio tapes of the competitors for any purpose including commercial purposes. Any competitor who does not agree to this provision must notify the organizers in writing before the start of the contest.

Removal from competition
The Expo organizers have the authority to remove anyone from the competition for reasons of taste, endangering self or others, violation of rules, or any reason seen fit. Discourteous, abusive, or unprofessional behavior by a contestant may lead to disqualification at the organizers’ discretion. There will be no appeal.

Fine Print:

1. Any competitor who does not appear when called to the stage will be eliminated.
2. The organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. Any rule modifications will
be announced publicly before the competition begins.
3. All decisions of the votes, MC and organizers are final.
4. The MC and organizers will be impartial. They will receive no information regarding judging
except for the official judging criteria which are available to the public. Any judge who is
personally acquainted with any of the competitors may not vote in the category in which such
competitor competes.


For questions or further information, email

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