Youth & Family Village Expo



Date: June 20th, 2015
Time: From 11am-8pm
Place: 25th St Golden Hill

Golden Hill – Balboa Park 1915 Expo Centennial Festival


The Youth & Family Village is a section of the larger Golden Hill Community – Balboa Park 1915 Expo Centennial Festival. This zone is family friendly and offers many activities, games, and educational exhibits. Enjoy food and drinks while watching live performances. There will be multiple performances throughout the event, including a talent stage showcase. Stop by for some ole’ fashioned fun and entertainment!



Clown face painting
Stilt Jugglers
Garden Projects
Lawn games
Scavenger hunts
Youth Edu-Tainment & Talent Stage Showcase
Ole Fashioned Fun STEM 3D Exhibits



11:00 AM Opening Ceremony – EMCEE MARZ JOINTS

Pledge of Allegiance – Girl Scouts of San Diego
National Anthem
Storytelling by Anthee Max
Celebration of Community
‘Believe’ by Calan Nicole Elie

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Playground Preachers
Dr. Seuss Storytime – Summer Reading Campaign
Trinity Baptist Church Puppet & Theatrical Ministry
St. Stephens T.R.U.T.H Gospel Mime Group
Ash Foster
The Pizarro Bothers

3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Walter KO – EMCEE
EverrryBodi Line Dancers
3:45 Flash Mob #GoldenHillExpo
Junk Yard Dance Crew
United Gospel Artists
Common Ground – ‘Crowns’
‘A Taste of Kuumba’

7:00 PM- Youth & Family Village Activities



Balboa Park Event Hosted by Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation // Funded by City of San Diego EDTS 2014 Grant.


  1. Laura Stansell

    If you haven’t hired a face painter or Balloon artist yet let me know. I might know someone who would work for tips for the afternoon.

    I used to be on the CDC board and also used to run Fern Street Circus

    I could also get you a juggler or two if you have a budget for them.

  2. Nelson

    Excuse me, but I tried to email you regarding an issue on your wepgabe but the given e-mail address didn’t work. Is there another place I might get a hold of you?

  3. Marvin

    I didn’t know extracurricular aievictits were mandatory! I would be bored to hell if I had to stay for another hour and a half. I was prefect starting P4, but it was kinda stupid telling other kids not to run and keeping the noise down…blah.

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