Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Cristiane Asiano

(Director term: Aug 2016 – Sept 2019)
Cristiane Asiano, for the last 12 years, has lived and owned in Golden Hill. She was born in Brazil. She speaks Portuguese and Spanish and some Italian. As a licensed Real Estate Agent, a Notary Public and a Legal Assistant, she has an in-depth knowledge of legal and real estate issues. She worked for a local non-profit assisting community members and conducting community outreach. She manages residential rental properties with her husband Philip, a local lawyer and real estate broker. She is committed to and cares about her neighborhood and she is eager to help GGHCDC make it an even better place to live.

Brian Beevers

(Director term: May 2016 – Sept 2017, Vice President)
Brian is an active community advocate for local food, local art, and local services, specializing in event planning and organization. He founded and manages the Golden Hill Certified Farmers’ Market, now in it’s seventh year. Brian has also helped organize the two Golden Hill Street Fairs that were held on 25th street. In addition, Brian also owns Simply Local, a local artist driven retail shop in North Park, owns and manages Ray at Night Art Walk and multiple certified farmers markets in San Diego.

Rebeca Elliott

(Director term: Aug 2016 – Sept 2018, Secretary)
Rebeca has lived in Golden Hill since September 2012. Her background is in administration and bookkeeping and she currently going back to school to become a speech therapist. She was born in Guatemala and lived there until she was eight. She has been attending GGHCDC meetings since the beginning of the year and was recently voted on to the board as pro tem Secretary.

Jon Hall

(Director term: Jan 2016 – Sept 2018, President)
Jon is a local resident and business owner and has lived in Golden Hill since 2008. He’s an advocate of the San Diego/Tijuana artisan community, has led volunteer organization/project efforts and has spent most of his career in branding, design, marketing, and communications. Jon has sat on various Board of Directors and has experience leading teams toward specific, measurable goals.

Allison Hjelle

(Director term: Sept 2016 – Sept 2019)
Allison Hjelle is the Regional Director of Shakti Rising, a local Golden Hill non-profit that is committed to grass-roots social change. As Allison also lived in Golden Hill, on F St. & 24th, behind the organizational home of Shakti Rising, she also holds a larger vision for Golden Hill that is influenced both by her studies and work in sustainable business and the community-building work of Shakti Rising. She sees tremendous potential in this community and all of the possibility of its members united through sustainability and place-making initiatives and would be honored to partner with the GGHCDC to bring forward powerful and enriching development opportunities.

Donald Ingrassi

(Director term: Sept 2016 – Sept 2019)
Donald is the owner of Golden Hill Pawnbrokers and Golden Hill Gone Postal. Golden Hill Pawnbrokers has been a landmark of the community since 1984. Golden Hill Gone Postal has been an addition within the past few years. He strives to maintain the integrity of Golden Hill because he really has grown fond of the community. As a business owner in Golden Hill he keeps a clean store and does his best to stay involved in this wonderful community. By keeping his corner clean, graffiti free, and by providing quality services for the people of Golden Hill he wants to embody a sense of pride for his community.

Christie Kong

(Director term: Sept 2016 – Sept 2019)
Christie is a local resident and has lived in Golden Hill since 2015. Originally from Los Angeles, she moved to San Diego to attend college over fifteen years ago. Christie works as a Commercial Property Manager and has experience managing various types of commercial assets and construction projects. She has sat on various Board of Directors and is excited to utilize her knowledge and skills in business and real estate to help build a better Golden Hill.

Rob Yackley

(Director Term: Jan 2016 – Sept 2018, Treasurer)
Rob Yackley has been an active resident in Golden Hill since 2008. He is the President of a local faith-based nonprofit which trains community leaders and has served on the leadership team of multiple nonprofits. Rob has a background in banking and real estate and facilitates personal, professional, and spiritual developmental workshops/seminars/apprenticeships in Golden Hill and around the country. He has also served on the GGHCDC Board since January 2016 and is currently the pro tem Treasurer.