Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Rebeca Elliott

(Director term: Aug 2016 – Sept 2018, Secretary)
Rebeca has lived in Golden Hill since September 2012. Her background is in administration and bookkeeping and she currently going back to school to become a speech therapist. She was born in Guatemala and lived there until she was eight. She has been attending GGHCDC meetings since the beginning of 2016 before joining the Board and taking the role of Secretary in January 2017.

Shannon Fleener

(Director term: Sept 2017 – Sept 2020, Vice President)
Shannon moved to Golden Hill in February 2016 and quickly fell in love with the neighborhood. As the Community Outreach Coordinator for City Heights Prep Charter School, Shannon advocates for equal access to quality education. Shannon’s background in education and social justice has made her a passionate supporter of community-based work and grassroots movements; she is very excited to serve Golden Hill and work towards a better community for all.

Jon Hall

(Director term: Jan 2016 – Sept 2018, President)
Jon first moved to Golden Hill in 2008 and is now a local business owner. He’s an advocate of the San Diego/Tijuana artisan community, has led volunteer organization/project efforts and has spent most of his career in branding, design, marketing, and communications. Jon has been a member of various Board of Directors and has experience leading teams toward specific, measurable goal.

Sebastian Sarria

(Director term: Sept 2017 – Sept 2019)
Sebastian Sarria is excited for Golden Hill. From it’s fantastic views to unique community character, he truly believes Golden Hill is the best neighborhood in San Diego. A native of Colombia, Sebastian currently works as the Clean Energy Fellow with the Climate Action Campaign, a non-profit whose mission is to stop climate change through policy action, and is heavily involved in community organizing and advocacy. He looks forward to bringing positive community and environmental benefits to Golden Hill residents that will serve generations to come.

John Williams

(Director Term: June 2018- September 2020)
John lived in Golden Hill in late 2010 and moved back in 2013 when he bought a home. After serving eight and half years in the Navy, John switched his professional focus to residential real estate. John is very excited to work towards the continuous betterment of the neighborhood he lives and works in, hoping to create a deeper sense of community. He was drawn towards the GGHCDC because of the quarterly clean ups, and has attended board meetings since December of 2017.

Rob Yackley

(Director Term: Jan 2016 – Sept 2018, Treasurer)
Rob Yackley has been an active resident in Golden Hill since 2008. He is the President of a local faith-based nonprofit which trains community leaders and has served on the leadership team of multiple nonprofits. Rob has a background in banking and real estate and facilitates personal, professional, and spiritual developmental workshops/seminars/apprenticeships in Golden Hill and around the country. He has served on the GGHCDC Board since January 2016.